People often ask "why the name Bumpjump?"

Well.. it describes golf in its simplest form. When the golfer strikes or bumps
the ball it jumps even when using a putting stroke,so there we have it


It's here at last, folks!

After almost four year's R and D Bumpjump is proud to offer you our mk11 chipping iron.

We have of course kept our unique convex shankproof striking face,but with a difference. Our mk11 is grooveless so that the clubhead makes a smoother transition through the golf ball(another 1st in golf for an outfield club). We have opened up the hosel position into the clubhead to improve the lay angle which promotes consistancy of shot. This absoloutely stunningly beautiful club comes with a free designer waterproof headcover,complete with logo's. The Wee Blessing is available to purchase now. Buy one today and receive free delivery throughout Christmas! »